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Flocus is your personal dashboard, right in your browser ✨

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Your Flocus dash is so you

With aesthetic backgrounds, dynamic greetings, motivational quotes, and so much more β€” we’re here to redefine the way you work and recharge every day.


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Seamlessly toggle between your personal home base, focus sessions, and soothing breaks.

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Ambient Home Focus

Whether you’re on your grind or ready to unwind β€” your dash is there for every part of your day.

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With personalized and dynamic greetings that evolve with the day, the Home dashboard syncs with your rhythm.

Featuring a bold clock and inspiring quotes, it's your hub for starting and ending your day with intention.

Focus Mode

Unlock laser-sharp concentration with Focus Mode, just a toggle away from Home.

Customize your Pomodoro timer, type in what you're working on to keep your eye on the prize, then settle into to a cozy work session with your unique flow β€” complete with your favorite sights and sounds.

Ambient Mode

Ready for a break? Toggle to Ambient Mode, a serene escape right in your dashboard.

Immerse yourself in over 10 Flocus worlds, crafted to mentally transport you to tranquil destinations. Ambient Mode is your go-to oasis whether you're relaxing or just looking to spruce up your workspace.

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Let’s romanticize productivity.

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