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Flocus is a free browser-based dashboard
to fuel your productivity, all in one place.

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More than 600,000 productivity-obsessed humans choose Flocus.

Whether you’re a professional, student, or go-getter, Flocus is here to make your productivity journey more efficient, personalized, and beautiful.

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Designed for you to get more done

We’re here to redefine the way you work and recharge every day, without overcomplicating it.

Focus Timer
Get right in the zone in seconds. Pick from Pomodoro, simple countdown, or stopwatch.
Focus To-Dos
Boost your productivity with a clear reorderable to-do list, with one priority displayed at a time.
Focus Stats
Stay on track and gain insights into your productivity with daily, weekly, and monthly stats.
Beautiful Themes
Transport yourself to dreamy worldwide destinations or minimalist backdrops.
Ambient Sounds
Choose from a variety of calming concentration sounds to get into the zone, or zen out.
Motivational Quotes
Get an extra boost with daily motivational, self-care, and gratitude quotes.
Built-in Music
Pick from our curated focus tracks, or add your very own playlists from all major services.
Clock & Greetings
A bold clock and personalized greetings that cheer you on and adapt throughout the day.
And lots more
Picture-in-picture, clear mode, fun alert sounds — the list goes on. Check them out for yourself!

Flip the switch

Seamlessly toggle between your personal home base, focus sessions, and soothing breaks.

Try it for yourself:

Ambient Home Focus

Whether you’re on your grind or ready to unwind — your dash is there for every part of your day.

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With a bold clock, encouraging quote, and personalized greetings that evolve with your day, the Home dashboard syncs with your daily rhythm.

Focus Mode

Unlock laser-sharp concentration with Focus Mode, just a toggle away from Home. Quickly settle into a work session with your unique flow — your customized tasks, timer specs, favorite theme, ambient sounds, and music.

Ambient Mode

Ready for a break? Toggle to Ambient Mode, a serene escape right in your dashboard — your go-to oasis whether you’re relaxing or just looking to spruce up your workspace.

Your personal dashboard awaits

Let’s romanticize productivity.

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